Some Historical Perspective

The diagram below was doing the rounds about a month ago [dec. 2017] , i picked it up and revamped the comments, kudos to its originator.

Here we see from the outset, the big-blockers firmly in control of the bitcoin-1st dynasty up until 18-jun-2014. That was when Pieter & Greg, the small-blockers used their vetoes against the big blockers, Gavin & Jeff in the 5-member bitcoin-security-council.

..and so the die was cast, the bitcoin-2nd dynasty was ushered in quietly and with under-the-radar fanfare. At that point the big blockers had been effectively marginalised in the power struggle and their leaders were forced into exile allowing the small blockers to take complete control of the chain and protocols.

Meanwhile the vanquished remnant of the bitcoin-1st dynasty regrouped, enjoyed the relative calm out of the limelight and honed their dynastic tools waiting for their moment of opportunity.

That came on the 1st aug 2017 when their finely-tuned fork mustered sufficient resonance and resources – to force a division of the spoils, causing the bitcoin-2nd-dynasty to fold and out of the ensuing fracas emerged two fledgling, downsized dynasties:

the BTC dynasty, the natural small-block successor to the 3-year-old bitcoin-2nd-dynasty and

the BCH-dynasty, the natural successor to the old bitcoin-1st-dynasty.

…now we had 2 dynasties each claiming to be the righteous heir of the so called “original bitcoin”. That “one true bitcoin” – framed by the big-blockers to be the “bitcoin [-1st ] dynasty” that had tasted supreme power for the early 5.5 years and the “one real bitcoin” – framed by the small blockers to be the “bitcoin [-2nd] dynasty” that followed, tasting supreme power for the 3 years that followed. . .

so now fast forward to 13-jan-2018..and so we get to choose –

we can align with the BTC-DYNASTY with their dedication and commitment to one compact blocksize for all seasons ……or …

we can align with the BCH-DYNASTY with their dedication and commitment to miner-moderated blocks, compact for the solstice lulls and jumbo for the busy seasons.