The esteemed Mayan astronomers left us with little human traces, but they did leave us some monumental artefacts in the shape of calendars. For this discussion we mention two of them, the 5100+ year calendar and the 260-day calendar. We surely found out about their proposed reset of the 5100+ calendar to happen in 2012, generally believed to be the winter solstice. Their 260-day calendar is also called the 20-13 calendar because it can be viewed from 2 different angles; 20-day months in a series of 13 months or 20 treks each made up of 13-days. As i write this on the 7th jan 2018, i draw attention to the fact that we’re entering trek 2 of the 20 treks. Currently, Mayan pundits offer us four different starting dates to choose from, for the reset. But for the purposes of this prose-byte let’s stick with version 4, the more mathematically elegant of the versions, that starts on the first day of 20-13.


The last paragraph “OUR SPECIAL 26-DAY Period” explains the idea of at least 2 special creative periods lasting 26 days, re-occuring every 260 days. And so, let’s apply this same logic to the birth pangs of bitcoin. Bitcoin was conceived in secret sometime during 2007. The whitepaper was published on day  38 of spin minus 6 relative to spin zero which is the 260-day period starting on the 1st jan 2013.

Also the cycle can work for any single day or any 26 day period throughout the spin. For example, we can see in the chart there’s an interesting correlation on day 258 of the calendar relating to prices.

The bitcoin programs were birthed into the rarefied atmosphere of cypherpunkspace on 3rd Jan 2009, that’s day 101 of cycle minus 6 relative to cycle zero starting 1st Jan 2013. Satoshi had a consuming interest in legacy banking , so much so that he coded this cryptic message in the genesis block:

This becomes somewhat less cryptic when we read further:

The Chancellor will decide within weeks whether to pump billions more into the economy as evidence mounts that the £37 billion part-nationalisation last year has failed to keep credit flowing. Options include cash injections, offering banks cheaper state guarantees to raise money privately or buying up “toxic assets”, The Times has learnt.


Fast forward to 1st august 2017

That was the day when the bitcoin chain divided into chain BTC and chain BCH after bitcoin blank created its historic block #478,558 that would soon be shared by both chains. So soon after, we witnessed the inauguration of two new chains both with their new genesis mark II blocks. And any doubter could take notice that after several hours block #478559 on chain-BCH checked in at over 1 meg, while it could be seen that during those quiet few hours on the nascent BCH chain, chain-BTC had been chugging merrily onwards first creating its genesis mark II block #478559 and subsequently generating new blocks every 10 minutes or so all checking in as usual with a size equal or less to the authorized 1 meg. And to mark the occasion, The Guardian [UK] ran a full-page article in its financial section entitled …


“all eyes on the real-world ascent of digital currencies”
delving deeper we read …

” Russia’s deputy finance minister, recently said they hope to recognise bitcoin and other cryptos as legal financial instruments next year”


MOSTLY 5x=500% up during a MAYAN CYCLE

We’ve plotted how the price has moved over the cycles of the Mayan calendar and there are some interesting correlations between the number of elapsed days from the sync. point and the prices on that day as shown in green on the chart, the final one being our projection. As with most sync points we need to work backwards with the gift of hindsight. On the 1st august 2017 and the 23rd December 2017, we can notice two such noteworthy correlations, so we worked backwards from that date as shown in the chart
Looking at the results we see 2 cycles where the price decreased by 62% and 65%, but apart from those, all the other cycles since the $13 mark have given us an average of 500% increase in price. Extrapolating from our mayan sync. point , we anticipate a combined price of btc and cash as  $35k on the 9th September 2018. Of course, time will tell if this correlation will withstand all he the rigors of the upcoming cycle….


Why 260 days we may ask. Well there are good reasons for that…


or axial precession is the wobble of the earth, where one wobble completes in approximately 26,000 years. The duration of one wobble is vary across the ages somewhere between 25,765 and 26,000. This gives us 2 different ways to measure a year, the tropical and the sidereal, one currently measured as 20 minutes different from the other.


Now as we speak, we’re in the midst of building a new series based on the truth and transparency of the blockchain technologies. The previous series of civilizations was kick-started by this experienced team of 13 avatars, over a century, 651 BCE until 551 BCE, given here with their approx. years of birth ….
Bias of Priene, 651 Zarathustra, 651 Cleobulus of Lindos, 649 Chilon of Sparta, 649 Pittacus of Mytilene, 640 Solon of Athens, 631 Gautama Buddha, 630 Periander of Corinth, 627 Thales of Miletus, 624 Pherecydes of Syros, 618 Pythagoras, 608 Lao Tzu, 600 Confucius, 551

3) MAYAN / HUMAN CYCLE OF 260-DAYS [precise].

The medical figure for human gestation is 273 days. However, if we consider the first 13 days as somewhat experimental, then we could say that day 14 is decision day…. will the blastocyst hatch out of the zona and seek shelter under the wall of the uterus, or will it fail nature’s QA and be discarded in the monthly menses? By the fact that we’re reading this, it’s safe to assume that we did indeed pass Nature’s Quality Assurance and merrily completed the 260-day course of gestation in the uterus. This means that when we finally emerged into the unfamiliar atmosphere of mostly nitrogen, we are already celebrating our first Mayan birthday aged one cycle on that calendar.


In many western countries including the UK we are paid for “working” 260 days in the calendar year even though approx. 10 of those are public holidays. Since the mayans enjoyed 22 days of public holidays, it may be, that they worked for just 238 days of the year with weekends off just like us..

5) OUR SPECIAL 26-DAY [precise] PERIOD

The biological science is not so exact, but that doesn’t alter the exactitude of the Mayan science which states that there is a 26-day period, in which we either started our human journey in the wall of the uterus or we emerged as the completely familiar human form that we know and love, or we even managed to do pull off both events within the same 26-day period. When that 26-day period cycles around again, we can expect that little extra push and heave to help us achieve great things