the abz of crypto-rules


purchase at least  1 (preferably 2 ) hardware wallet/s for amounts you can’t afford to lose, use wallet for petty cash and weekly budget. Test out your recovery procedure while you have only less than $5 loaded on it.


every 3 months, transfer most funds to 1 of your h/ wallets leaving $5 on other h/wallet and test out recovery procedure on the $5 one [instructions in lesson 3]. Then move the majority of funds back onto this wallet 


follow the instructions on our abz course LDG#1 or TRZ#1 depending on which h/wallet you have or enrol in the personal one-to-one tuition we have available from one of our experts


when buying / selling / trading, expose your money on exchanges for the minimal elapsed time necessary: i.e.  move your money back to your personal wallet asap

[doesn’t apply to BTC]


if you’re new to cryptos consider taking our beginners course either course LNS-101 or TZR-101


read through the basics section on this site and study the contents


while waiting for the tx to confirm, save the url pointing to tx status and take hardcopy screen shot of the tx details  [see basics/ block info on the menu]


don’t keep your password / recovery seed on a device that’s ever connected to the internet, create multiple  hard-written copies of these, and optionally give a copy to a trusted person and memorize your recovery seed using a series of movie clips in your head


before sending / receiving monitor the health of the ecosystem so you can estimate the time for the transactiion



if you wish to spend or move your BTC, then plan ahead. first move your assets to an exchange at your leisure [it may take several days]. Rule #4 doesn’t apply