The ins and outs of cryptos

Most of us are hard-wired to trust in banks. Up to recently we had very little choice. However two themes converge 1) the central banks can print as much money as they wish with zero accountability for that portion of funds they want to keep sectret. That leasd to massive temptation to use this off-the books money for purposes that advance the interests of the financial controllers and not for the greater good of humanity. At the same time we now have a way to move money without needing to trust the central bankers.


This concept is totally new to humanity and there is a steep learning curve to get a handle on what’s differwent

At abz we work on the principle that hands-on the fastest way to learn. Practice makes for perfection, rather than spending overmuch time on figuring out the underlying theory. The understanding reveals itself organically  as you begin to send and receive money across the bitcoin ecosystem.

The steps to understanding


So we recommend the following steps:

  1. read thru the basics section
  2. buy yourself a hardware wallet
  3. enroll yourself on our ledger course or our trezor course depending on which machine you have bought. This consists of 4 lessons each lasting between 30 and 60 minutes.
  4. we send you $5 petty cash, and using that you send us a penny at time, we send you a penny at a time. You set up 3 accounts and you send a penny back and forth beteween your 3 accounts.
  5. as you progress thru the lessons, we give you homework where you will need to look up up new terms under the abz section.
  6. At the next lesson , you probably will have some questions for us , before advancing  to the next lesson. If  you like what  you experienced or you have a friend who would be more suited to it, then you or your friend will be ready to make your first investment in cryptos, and begin to take responsibility for your own finances.



  • In the event that you decide this is not for you, then you will have gaining valuable knowledge that you can pass on to your friends and chances are you can sell your hardware wallet for 80% of what you paid for it.