The software wallet interfaces of the nano-s for ETH/ERC20 and BCH are myetherwallet and electron-cash.

There has been some dissent suggesting  that ledger shouldn’t need a specialist wallet for bch interface like it does for eth.

To counteract this sentiment from some bch-users, I claim that using the electron-cash interface actually improves the user experience rather like the effect that myether wallet has for eth/token users. See here for the enhanced user experience u can expect once the BCH wallet interface is up and running.

<< See this link for details for the guide how to install the bch wallet interface>>

The big difference is that unlike the eth software wallet interface which is automatically installed when u need it, the bch wallet interface has to be currently installed by the user.  When u install the bch wallet interface , you may notice that u encouter a lot of diverse error messages that are less than friendly for the noobie. However as u in the installation guide all these various messages have the same straight-forward 3 or 4 solutions. So please don’t be put off by some of the obscure meanings of the error messages.

We can expect that the interface installation process will become a lot smoother over time. Consider that the bch interface has been around for around 3 months as opposed to the 2+ years of fine-tuning that the eth wallet interface users  have experienced