This refers to two of the the most recents theories of evolution. Here we corrolate terms across the theory of evolution as it relates to cryptos and the evolution of consciousness as it relates sto the Giza pyramid of Cheops.

                        A N A L O G I E S     A C R O S S      B O T H       T H E O R I E S
   NOTATION                                 CRYPTIC GIZA  Bitcoin / BCH / BTC and

Ethereum:  ETH / ETC

21m = 21 million,

Segments of 21 Giza courses

21 stone courses of mineral / vegetable and animal evolution

21 stone courses of human evolution

maximum coins minted by the year 2140:

21m legacy-bitcoins, 21m cash-bitcoins

Medium of exchange Ether and Aether – the medium of exchange across dimensions, selves, and souls driven by sphere-4, the realm of love-wisdom symbolized by stone courses 43 -49 “Ether-tokens” – for the Ethereum platform aka gas.

“Satoshis” for the bitcoin platforms -in Japanese, = clear thinking, quick witted, wise [naka=medium, moto= origin]

“Mining” – based on proof of work “myself” works with soul-4 to “mine” the virtues from the work of souls-1, 2, 3 and accumulates into soul-5 The “miners” [network computers] work to be successful, the one successful is awarded 12.5 bitcoins [typically during a 10-min interval]
10 minutes Optimal duration of uninterrupted focus for most of us Optimal mining duration
Book-keeping Immutable recording of thoughts / actions in the ether/aether Immutable recording of all transactions for each individual transacting on the blockchain